So, Who Are We?

Get to know us!

Why fish?

What got us started

At Freshly Salted, we know a thing or two about fish. “Why fish?” you may ask. Well, it all started when we were just small little things…

Ali, me, the artist behind the designs, has been surrounded by fish my whole life. Literally. My dad; a commercial fisherman and my mom; an animal lover and both of them enjoyed aquariums. My first aquarium was a 50 gallon with a jack dempsey much too large, his lucky goldfish friend, and an oversized common pleco. Joe, the incredible support system and brains of the operation, has a love for fish that started like many others in this hobby, the dreaded goldfish bowl. Soon after, he had bettas, then mollys, then guppies, and it tumbled into what some may call an addiction.

Let’s just say fish are KIND OF A BIG DEAL around here. We not only keep many…many aquariums at home, but we have dedicated our lives to working in the field at one of the most well known aquarium shops in the Northeast, where we met.

And now, my artistry and Joe’s never ending ideas for business combined to form the website you’re reading this on today. We hope you’re here because you too share a love for fish just like us or maybe you just think they’re beautiful, either way, we’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy all we have to offer!

Following our Dreams

Our story begins only a year ago when Joe bought me a tablet for Christmas. My love for drawing started very young and I always dreamed of being able to do SOMETHING with my artwork. Never doing digital art before, I jumped right in head first and practiced. And practiced. When the chance was there, I practiced.

Until one day a lightbulb went off! What if we do something with these drawings? Digital art made it easier to turn my drawing into something MORE than just a drawing, it could become tangible to EVERYONE, not just those closest to us. They could be more than I ever imagined! Stickers, magnets, shirts, mugs; things people could use and enjoy! So, here we are, spreading our love and passion for fish to you so you too can enjoy hand drawn art while also showing your own love and passion for fish. So enjoy, have fun, and don’t forget, keep it freshly salted, baby!

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